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We export our products from Russia to all countries of the world:

1. Plywood of all kinds:
- Plywood birch marks FC, FSF of increased moisture resistance (2440x1220, 2500x1250, 3000x1500, 1525x1525, thickness from 3 to 40mm). The density is 710 kg / m3.;
- Plywood birch laminated brand FOF is smooth / smooth and smooth / mesh. Thickness from 6 to 40mm. Density 710 kg / m3;
- Plywood coniferous FSF of increased moisture resistance. Thickness from 6,5 to 30mm;
- Birch plywood birch plywood. Format 2440x1220.

2. Wood-based panels:

- Chipboard (particle board);
- Fibreboard (Fibreboard);
- Laminated chipboard;
- Laminated wood fiber board;
- HDF;
- MDF.

3. Gypsum-particle board.

4. Oriented strand board (OSB).

5. Acoustic fiber board Green Board.


If your company is a manufacturer of modern environmentally friendly building materials and you want to expand your sales market, Mottex is ready to consider cooperation and promotion of new products in the Russian market.

Working with us you find a reliable partner and representative of the interests of your company!

All requests and proposals for cooperation should be sent to our E-mail: mottex@chel.ru in English or Russian.

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