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Fanera ENG


Russian plywood

- Material: 100% birch

- Dimensions:

  • 1525x1525mm
  • 1525x3050mm
  • 1500x3000mm
  • 2440x1220mm
  • 2500x1250mm

- Thickness: 3mm - 45mm

- Plywood grades:

  • B / BB (1/2)
  • BB / BB (2/2)
  • BB / CP (2/3)
  • BB / C (2/4)
  • CP / C (3/4)

- Types of plywood:

- Plywood based on resin phenol-formaldehyde adhesive (FSF)

with high moisture resistance

- Furniture plywood based on carbamide resin (FC)

- Laminated plywood, smooth surfaced (F/F)

- Laminated plywood, mesh surfaced (F/W)

Russian (Chelyabinsk) plywood is delivered from our warehouse at the following address: 17, Troitsky highway, Chelyabinsk city, Russia.

We carry out goods delivery throughout Russia and to the CIS countries by euro trucks, containers and railway cars. Our company is a modern dynamically developing company in Russia. We specialize in the supply of all types of plywood. In addition, you can buy any plywood at competitive prices, that is, at prices of the Russian manufacturers without any additional margins.

Our plywood has already engendered trust of hundreds companies in Russia and in other countries. We greatly respect our business partners, as evidenced by the quality of our plywood, which is at the highest level! The requirements for our products are definitely higher than the requirements for the quality of plywood of the Russian GOST. Our products are used for the construction of high-rise buildings, Olympic facilities, in the production of trunk trailers and high-speed trains, and in many other industries. If your company is not located in Russia, then there is no problem with the purchase of our products, as we are ready to deliver the goods to you anywhere in the world.

All our plywood has the necessary certificates. The Conformity certificates for all plywood types are also available. The Conformity certificate is a permissive document that allows import and export, production and sale of products within the scope of the law. If you require export of plywood from Russia, you can contact our company with confidence!

Yours faithfully,


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